Basic Package


Basic Package

This package is for those who are already experienced in purchasing property and do not need full guidance.

Finding the right place and the right investment

When someone looks on the usual websites to find a nice property, the location, description and pictures of the house are sometimes not what they seem. Of course the houses will be presented to you at their best but the reality can be very different with regard to condition, space and location. We know exactly which houses fit the desired profile and if applicable, may sometimes even come up with other suitable properties.  Also with properties that you yourself are not able to find. Of course you can also provide us with a house that you have already found yourself and ask us to deal with this. We will do a complete research and investigate if this particular property would be a good investment for the future.  It is all according to your wishes.

Viewings and Advice

In case of viewings, we will make the appointments for you and accompany you if needed. Sometimes we will go together with the client and other times the client will go alone. When you really like what you see, we will look at the place immediately to provide you with valuable advice and information.

When buying a house, emotions can sometimes cloud your judgement. We provide you with rational and independent advice on

  • the investment value (minimum risk when you sell or rent out the property later on)
  • the price/quality ratio (location and associated effect on value), based upon the current market
  • if applicable, market value after renovation
  • the general structural condition


The seller of a house is under un obligation to report. However, the seller will only disclose information known to him or her. So it may very well be that there are issues that are unknown to the seller. To make sure that you will not be confronted with any legal, environmental and financial problems at a later stage, a prior investigation is conducted with regard to zoning plans, easements, land registry details, environmental aspects and other possible issues. If any potential problems come to light during this investigation, it may very well be that we will advise you not to buy the property concerned.


To acquire a strong negotiation position, we will conduct a survey ourselves and provide you with sound advice on the value and anticipated purchase price of the house. Together with you, we will determine the strategy to be followed, negotiate with the seller’s real estate agent and will keep you informed at every stage.

Verbal agreement

The verbal agreement on the purchase of a house is not binding. This is only the case when the agreement is recorded in a written contract. After a written agreement has been made, you will have three days to reconsider the transaction before the sale (subject to financing being arranged) is completed. We will arrange the preliminary contract of sale, to confirm the agreement between seller and buyer.

Performance bonus fee or Auction fee (applicable on each package)

On top of our packages, we work with a performance bonus fee or with an auction fee, depending on that specific case.

For more specific information with regard to these fees, please read under pages Performance bonus fee or Auction fee. 


Basic Package price € 2.395,- excluding performance bonus fee or auction fee

Rates are applicable per 1st of July 2018 and are all excluding 21% VAT